About UnicodeForUs

Frustrated by the disappearance of unicodeairplaneforyou.com, I decided to create an easily-searchable repository of fun unicode characters that would belong to the world, and not to some jerk with a domain name and a Google AdWords account.

The result is unicodefor.us! Sure, I'm probably a jerk, and I definitely have a domain name, and an AdWords account, but this time, the repository is open source! It belongs to you, and it belongs to me. The site is hosted by Github Pages, so the only incentive I have to put ads on it is pure greed! Hurray, greed!

So welcome to unicodefor.us, please stick around and enjoy our many exciting characters! If you want to make your own unicodefor.us, you can fork the repo, and if your favorite unicode character is missing, pull requests are welcome!